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Zoop Productions was started by a group of SDSMT students in December 1997. We had all been exposed to electronic music in one way or another, and the lack of an electronic "scene" in Rapid City forced us to travel to Minneapolis or Denver quite often to hear the music we loved. It wasn't long before we decided to try to throw our own event here. At first there was a small house party called "Phat Zoop"; it can be said that this is where it all began for us. We borrowed some speakers from our college radio station, and used friends turntables for the DJ booth... For most of the party, 100+ sweaty party goers crammed the basement, loving the music, not caring about the heat, and dancing like mad. It was a beautiful sight, and the feeling we got from it inspired us to do it again. We decided to produce a "real" event, getting club lights, a bigger sound system, and a bigger location. We called it "Legoland". After this second party went off well we decided there was no reason to stop there and we began searching the Denver, Omaha, and Minneapolis areas for DJs who would be willing to come out and play at our 'virgin' scene. Over the years we have carried on, and to this day we continue to bring quality not-for-profit events to Rapid City... And be it techno, trance, house, jungle, downtempo, upbeat, or progressive cyberdelic booty trancecore, we still love the music.

DJ's who are interested in being booked at one of our upcoming parties click here.

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