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Zoop Productions presents:

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Saturday May 13th, 2000

Clay Ivey- Hard House, and Funky Tribal Techno - 11:30 PM
Kinke Records, Caffeine, Guerrillas of Soul. - Atlanta, GA

Ganesh- UK NuNRG & Hard Trance - 1:30 AM
Roam Productions L.A., Warm and Fuzzy, L.A. - Los Angelos, CA

ecspansion- Hard Trance Live PA - 10:30 PM
Desert Labratory Productions, Impulse Entertainment. - Albuquerque, NM

Plus Resident DJs:

Tilzs - Freeform. Minneapolis MN. Zoop Productions - 3:30AM
Brian E
- Psy Trance. Rapid City, SD. Zoop Productions - 9PM
Fevah - Hard House. Rapid City, SD. Zoop Productions - 8PM
- Hard Progressive House. Rapid City, SD. Zoop - 5AM

Where: Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, SD. Rushmore Rooms C & D. On the Southeast Side of the building.
When: 8pm till 6am, no admittance till 8pm
Cost: $7 Presales, $10 at the door, $7 for graduating Tech seniors
Presale Tickets: 500 Tickets will be available at Sound Bytes and Ernie Novembers in Rapid City, SD. These tickets will not be available on the day of the event, so get them early! If you live outside of Rapid City, Call the info line, or
E-mail: for tickets.
Sound: Fundamental Productions, and Zoop Combine to create a mammoth system that wil Rock the Black Hills
Lights: Light Fantastik out of Milwaukee, WI is bringing a 2.4 Watt LASER and 4 Mac-250 moving head intelligent light fixtures, plus foggers and strobe cannons.


Civic Center security and RCPD will be present at this event to ensure it is a safe, drug and alcohol free event. Please respect yourself and come for a good time WITHOUT drugs or alcohol.
Call the infoline the day of the event for more details:

info: 605.355-6163



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