Castle in the Sky presents...

A freaky funky techno halloween extravaganza

A Big THANK-YOU goes out to the 70 people who drove through a blizzard to come to the party, especially the DJs who came up from Denver. Your pudding is HARDCORE.


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    Old Info:

    DJ Line-up:
      9pm - 11pm -- Open Turntables (word.)
     11pm - 12am -- Nick Rave (Jungle / D'n'B)
     12am -  2am -- Josh23, will make your head explode (Techno)
      2am -  3am -- Brian E (Goa / Psy Trance)
      3am -  4am -- DJ Emmerse (House, Trance)
    Date:  Friday, October 31st, 2003
    Time:  9pm - 4am
    Location:  To Be Announced (Call the infoline the night of the event)

    Be ready and bring all your friends because this is set to be the best halloween party to date. This party includes a costume competition with cash prizes for the freakyest, sexiest, and most absurd get-ups, so wear that costume yo! We got our hands on the old Slipdisc sound system, so we'll have 5000 watts of pulse-pounding bass. And to make things even more interesting, we will include a full-on atmospheric installallation including plenty of halloween decorations and a light show by groovy vibes entertainment. Oh yeah and remember: No drugs. No alcohol... All fun. No shit. This party is going to be the bomb and we'll see you there!

    Please, call the infoline the night of the event in order to receive the most current information.

    Castle In The Sky Productions infoline -- 605.721.9505